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    I had a restless nigt last night and my heart rate was higher. Herbal tea and salt I think. I had enough deep sleep but not seven hours so I felt washed out. I had vivid dreams and became angry in one of them. On waking I had a slight heady feeling. A friend complained of feeling fluy and I think with hindsight this could have been the issue. I had aches in my calves and generally although no joint pain. This wa the day I needed to power through. I was too light headed to do more than a few sun salutes. I broke the fast at 4:00 pm. I ate till 8:00 pm and it was mainly rubbish. I had kept telling myself when thinking about food that anything would be enjoyable so a food fantasy was irrational. But cravings wore me down. I know for next time. This is my third long fast. I have completed many 3 day fasts, one 7 day fast (six whole days) one 5 whole day fast and now this 5 whole day fast. the longer fasts I have complted this year. My aim is 21 days water only for the healing in an effort to reverse metabolic diseases like heart disease.

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