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    Today was a bad day. Needed to meditate a long time to deal with the stress. I slept 7 hours 51 minutes last night, one and a half hours deep sleep and average bpm of 55 and my waking heart beat came in at 54. I weighed 12 stone 0.3lb. I practiced ashtanga yoga, pranayama and meditation for an hour and forty-five minutes. Then Tai Chi and Qi Gong for 45 minutes. I ab-crunched for half an hour and Shaolin abs trained for 20 minutes. I drank a fair bit of water and coffee in the morning. I got quite bad tempered in the late afternoon. The late afternoon is when my blood sugar tends to drop. I am around food as well, which does not help. I added some Himalayan pink salt to the water and this helped ease it. I have read that apple cider vinegar helps with blood sugar swings but have not tried it yet.

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